Renee Zellweger and Ant Anstead are allegedly ready to tie the knot.

In its Nov. 8 issue, OK! magazine claimed that the couple, who just started dating a few months ago, already have a venue in mind.

“They’ve been talking about having a small ceremony in England soon, something elegant and tasteful. They like the idea of an intimate dimly lit setting with candles, fresh flowers, and a harpist. Renee wants them to write their own vows down and just say what’s in their hearts, and Ant’s all for that,” the source said.

During a previous interview, Anstead seemingly downplayed the seriousness of his relationship with Zellweger. But the tabloid said that the TV personality just didn’t want their critics to be shocked.

After all, he and the actress are thinking about moving in together. And they are also deciding where they should set up their home base since Anstead goes back and forth between England and California.

The TV personality also has three children from his previous relationships that he needs to be close to. But despite all his commitments, Anstead is still able to prioritize the Bridget Jones Diary actress.

“They’re both excited for this next chapter and can’t wait to say they’re just married,” the source said.

However, the tabloid was unable to provide any concrete proof that Zellweger and Anstead are already planning their wedding. After all, the two just started dating last summer and there’s no reason for them to rush into anything.

Anstead’s stand when it comes to living together is what fans should believe and not what the tabloid says. After all, the TV personality thinks that it’s still early for him and Zellweger to move in together, but the tabloid believes this isn’t the case.

As of late, Zellweger and Anstead have not publicly revealed the real status of their relationship. But the couple has been photographed canoodling in public on multiple occasions.

In 2016, Zellweger explained why she doesn’t want to talk about her relationships and failed marriages during interviews.

She said that she’s an old-fashioned woman who doesn’t like to hang out her laundry on the lawn.

“I feel you devalue yourself as a human being when you share very personal things with a bajillion strangers who are making fun of you. I just don’t see that there’s any dignity in that,” she said via US Weekly.