Mark Harmon doesn’t allegedly have any plans to return to NCIS after he quit the program this year.

In its Nov. 1 issue, OK! magazine claimed that Harmon has been dying to leave the police procedural drama for years.

After all, the actor just wants to spend as much time as he can with his family.

The source also said that Harmon will continue to serve as a producer on the show. But it’s unlikely for him to reprise his role as Gibbs in NCIS.

“He’s been itching to get back to their Montana ranch, where he can tend to his horses, tinker around the house, and hang out in the garage and work on his cars,” the source said.

The insider also claimed that Harmon is tired from appearing in the series, and he just wants to enjoy the remainder of his life with his wife and children.

“The producers had bent over backward trying to make things easier by reducing his screen time and bringing on Gary Cole to fill the gap. Still, Mark felt he’d given the show his best, and it was the right time to leave,” the source said.

Harmon starred in NCIS from Season 1 up to the show’s current season. And he played the role of the team’s leader, Gibbs.

Following his exit, the task force will now be led by Parker (Cole). However, it is still unclear how he will do his job and whether he will be successful at it or not.

After all, the members of the task force like Torres (Wilmer Valderrama) and McGee (Sean Murray) respect Gibbs so much. And they’ve always regarded Gibbs as their leader.

As of late, it’s still unclear whether Harmon will ever reprise his role in NCIS, but this is still a possibility. After all his character was not killed off.

Instead, Gibbs opted to stay in Alaska after completing his mission there. So, the fact that he’s alive opens doors for the character’s possible return.

This means that the tabloid’s claims that Harmon will never return to the show are not accurate. After all, even the creators and producers of NCIS hope to see Harmon on the program again sometime in the near future.

NCIS Season 19 airs on NBC on Monday nights. Episode 6 titled False Start will air on Nov. 1 because the series is on a week-long hiatus.