Camilla Parker Bowles is allegedly doing everything that she can to make sure that Kate Middleton won’t outshine her.

In its Nov. 1 issue, Life & Style claimed that Camilla has been spreading lies about Prince William and Middleton. And she has been telling everyone that the couple’s marriage is not as perfect as it seems behind closed doors.

To make things worse, Camilla has allegedly been telling everyone that Prince William is not as loyal as he seems to be. And she’s also claiming that the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge have not gotten over the former’s alleged affair with Rose Hanbury.

“Royal staff also claim to have overheard Camilla taking digs at Kate behind her back, suggesting she’s a working-class social climber. But when Kate got Wind of Camilla saying these things, she hit the roof. People think Kate is sweet and innocent, but she can hold her own,” the source said.

But instead of attacking Camilla in public and in private, Middleton allegedly employed the tactic of being so nice to her mother-in-law and Prince Charles. After all, the mom of three lives up to the motto of “kill them with kindness.”

Middleton doesn’t also feel the need to talk to Prince Charles and Camilla about the future of the monarchy. Instead, she encouraged Prince William to go straight to his grandmother, Queen Elizabeth.

“William had a private meeting with his grandmother and made it clear he feels he and Kate are more up to the job than Charles and Camilla. He listed off a number of reasons including his belief that the monarchy needs a younger revamp to survive,” the source said.

After learning that Prince William spoke to the queen, Prince Charles couldn’t allegedly help but feel bypassed. After all, he never thought that his biggest foe would be his eldest son.

However, one should take the tabloid’s claims with a grain of salt. After all, there’s no proof that Camilla has been spreading lies about Prince William and Middleton.

The Duchess of Cornwall didn’t even react to previous rumors that Prince William had an affair with Hanbury. So, it doesn’t make much sense if she would say something about it now.

Camilla and Middleton aren’t also competing for the crown. Camilla will become queen consort first before Middleton because she is married to Prince Charles.

The Duchess of Cambridge will become queen consort when Prince William ascends the throne.