Reese Witherspoon is allegedly committed to helping Jennifer Aniston find the one.

In its Oct. 29 issue, Heat UK claimed that Witherspoon and Aniston are so close that they also talk about men and relationships while on the set of The Morning Show.

A source claimed that during one of the A-listers’ conversations, Witherspoon promised Aniston that she won’t stop until she finds the actress a suitable man, and she will seek the help of her husband, Jim Toth.

“Her husband, a film producer, knows quite a few suitable men and is putting out the feelers. Jen’s still very old-fashioned about dating and the idea of signing up to a celeb dating service like Raya just takes her way out of her comfort zone. She’s helped her single friends in the same way and she has a close-knit circle who all have each other’s backs,” the source said.

Other than Witherspoon, Aniston’s other close friends like Courteney Cox and James Bateman are also helping the actress find love.

“And then there’s also her manager and her hairdresser. Jen used to have this long list of requirements, but now her turn-ons are guys who listen and make her laugh. Right now, she’s keen to have fun and let herself be guided by her friends, who she trusts implicitly,” the source said.

This isn’t the first time that Aniston is rumored to be finding love with the help of her friends.

Two weeks ago, In Touch Weekly also claimed that Katy Perry and Orlando Bloom also offered to help Aniston find a man.

At the time, another source said that Perry and Bloom know what Aniston is looking for in a partner. So, they are taking all these qualifications into consideration.

Perry and Bloom are also thinking about having double dates and dinner parties so that it’s easier for them to introduce Aniston to their male friends.

The couple, who share a daughter named Daisy, are allegedly confident they won’t have a hard time finding Aniston a man because she’s so beautiful inside and out.

However, none of the tabloid’s claims are accurate. And it seems Aniston doesn’t need anyone’s help in finding a suitable partner for her because a lot of men want to date her.

While it makes a bit sense for Aniston to want to ask help from Cox and Witherspoon, it doesn’t seem probable for Aniston to ask help from Perry and Bloom because there’s no proof that they’re close.