Prince William allegedly wants Princess Charlotte to inherit Princess Diana’s famous Spencer Tiara when she’s 18 years old.

However, the Spencer Tiara is currently in the possession of Princess Diana’s younger brother, Charles, 9th Earl Spencer.

As such, Prince William allegedly plans to talk to his uncle to see if he could get Princess Diana’s tiara back.

“William is close with his uncle and has asked if his mother’s namesake tiara can be given to Charlotte someday. William is quite aware the earl has daughters of his own, but the two have agreed that Diana’s iconic piece belongs to her first granddaughter,” the source told New Idea

A second source claimed that Princess Charlotte knows that his dad is trying to get Princess Diana’s tiara. And the 6-year-old is giddy with excitement over owning her first real headpiece.

“Lotte knows all about her ‘Granny Diana’ – after all, Diana is one of her middle names. She’s also seen pictures of her wearing the tiara. Charlotte is more than aware that she’s a princess, and she’s already got plastic tiaras and gowns to play dress-ups in. It’s very cute,” the source said.

Other than the Spencer Tiara, Princess Charlotte will also allegedly inherit the Vladimir Tiara, which costs $18.5 million.

A source claimed that Queen Elizabeth wants to pass on the tiara and its matching necklace to Princess Charlotte because the monarch knows that the youngster deserves the lavish piece of accessory.

The source added that Princess Charlotte is the Princess of Cambridge so it’s only right for her to have and wear her own tiara one day.

So much talk has been surrounding Princess Charlotte and her future tiaras in recent weeks. And it’s unclear where all these speculations are coming from.

After all, Princess Charlotte wouldn’t be able to wear a tiara until she’s 18 years old because this is the rule that even the queen followed.

As of late, there’s also no proof that Princess Charlotte will be inheriting two important tiaras when she turns 18.

Even though this is a real possibility, the royal family has not shared their plans regarding this matter.

So, this means that everything that’s being said or written about Princess Charlotte and her future tiaras are just based on speculations and hearsays.

Princess Charlotte is just 6 years old, so tiaras are not much of her or her parents’ concern for now.