Britney Spears has been sharing nude photos on her social media accounts, and an expert claimed that this could hint at the singer’s upcoming meltdown.

In its Oct. 18 issue, Globe spoke with a so-called Beverly Hills shrink named Dr. Carole Lieberman. And the doctor called Spears’ photo display as an act of an unhinged and desperate woman who is crying out for attention and help.

“Britney has convinced herself and those in the #FreeBritney movement that her father, Jamie Spears, was the problem. But, in fact, the problem is that she has not been getting good enough psychiatric treatment and has been teetering on the edge of another meltdown for years,” the source said.

A second doctor said that the way Spears is acting is what happens when someone who has been locked up for so long is given her freedom.

“She was never taught how to conduct herself in social settings because daddy monitored and controlled everything. Now, they just let her free without oversight and training in proper decorum,” the source said.

It is important to note that the so-called doctors’ thoughts about Spears posting her nude photos online are entirely their own.

This means that Spears never consulted with them to ask their professional opinion on the matter.

It is also important to note that Spears already stopped posting nude photos on her social media account. And she just shared these controversial photos to celebrate the judge finally taking her side on her conservatorship months ago.

Last week, Spears hinted at the possibility of appearing in a tell-all about her family and everything that she suffered under her dad’s care.

Spears posted the cryptic message on her Instagram account saying that the Lord should have mercy on her family’s soul if she decides to do a tell-all.

However, the “Toxic” singer also said that for now, she plans to stay out of everyone’s business since this is something that she’s done all her life.

In recent weeks, Spears has been using her Instagram account to lash out at her family. This shows how upset the singer is with them especially her dad.

However, Spears has not been posting nude photos like she used to months ago. So, the tabloid’s claim that she could be suffering from a major meltdown anytime soon seems unfounded and baseless.