Princess Anne and Camilla Parker Bowles allegedly had a confrontation recently.

In its Oct. 18 issue, New Idea claimed that Princess Anne and Camilla are once again at loggerheads with each other, and it’s all because of Prince Charles.

Years ago, a palace insider revealed that Prince Charles has not planned to make Camilla queen consort because he understands the position of the royal fans when it comes to Princess Diana.

But in recent years, there have been speculations suggesting that Prince Charles could change his mind and give this important title to his wife when he ascends the throne.

Now, a source for the tabloid is saying that Princess Anne became riled up when she heard about her brother’s plans. After all, she doesn’t think that Camilla is suited to be a queen consort.

“Anne has made it plain that Camilla will never be a true queen in the eyes of the British subjects. Anne wields a lot of power and has a lot of respect in that family, so you will find that the Wessexes and even maybe the Cambridges will back her on this. Charles and Camilla will face a lot of pushback,” the source said.

The source also claimed that Princess Anne and Camilla always had a complicated relationship with each other. In fact, the Duchess of Cornwall has always been scared of her sister-in-law.

After all, the insider claimed that Princess Royal can be very haughty. However, she has also mellowed down compared to how she was many years ago.

But even if this is the case, Princess Anne’s stern personality and demeanor have nothing to do with Prince Charles’ decision and Camilla’s future royal title.

After all, this decision will ultimately depend on Prince Charles. And regardless of what Princess Anne feels about it, she has no other choice but to accept her brother’s decision.

As of late, Prince Charles has not said anything about Camilla’s future royal title. So, his previous stand of reportedly giving his wife the title of princess consort still holds true.

By the looks of it, the tabloid is just pitting Princess Anne and Camilla against each other even though the two female royals are on good terms. While they may not be the best of friends, Princess Anne and Camilla seem to get along really well.