Prince Charles allegedly called the police to Highgrove to conduct an investigation into his charity.

In its Oct. 18 issue, Woman’s Day claimed that Prince Charles became convinced that the police would investigate the matter. So, instead of waiting until they come and take him to the station, he decided to step up.

However, this claim alone is already very questionable. After all, the police don’t need to take Prince Charles to the police station to conduct an investigation.

Since he’s the future king of Britain, the police may be summoned to his home and they can conduct their investigations there.

A source claimed that Prince Charles is being questioned by default because of his close relationship with Michael Fawcett. Royal fans are also convinced that Fawcett cannot operate without his former boss’s knowledge.

“It doesn’t look good. Charles has been incredibly close with Michael since the 1980s, but he has indicated he will cooperate with authorities. Charles will prefer to invite investigators to his Highgrove residence, rather than the indignity of having the future king being snapped going into police headquarters,” the source said.

Weeks ago, Fawcett was exposed for allegedly asking for huge sums of money just so he could bestow an honorary CBE to other individuals.

Days after he was exposed, Fawcett decided to step down from his job as the chief executive of The Prince’s Foundation.

According to the BBC, Saudi businessman, Mahfouz Marei Mubarak bin Mahfouz received an honorary CBE in 2016. And he secured honorary recognition after donating a huge sum of money to The Prince’s Foundation.

However, Fawcett only became involved with The Prince’s Foundation in 2018.

Prince Charles has denied having any knowledge of the donations made by the Saudi businessman. He also said that he had no idea that Fawcett asked for donations.

However, the future king is still being linked to Fawcett’s deed because they have been working for years and are also very close.

But this doesn’t mean that Prince Charles would go as far as inviting police officers to investigate the matter at Highgrove. Since he has denied any involvement in the matter, there’s no reason for him to volunteer during their investigation.

As of late, it’s also unclear if Prince Charles and Fawcett are still in speaking terms. After all, when the latter tendered his resignation, Prince Charles immediately accepted it.