Tom Cruise and Hayley Atwell have allegedly called it quits.

In its Oct. 17 issue, National Enquirer claimed that Atwell was the one that broke up with Cruise. And the actor was heartbroken but not necessarily surprised.

After all, Cruise knows that he came on a little too strong. So, Atwell realized that she’s not ready for anything serious.

As a result, Atwell decided to end things with Cruise. However, Cruise is still thinking of ways to win Atwell’s heart because he vowed not to go down without a fight.

“Hayley’s tried to let Tom down slowly by saying she’s not ready for anything serious and it’s her fault not his, but Tom’s begging her to stick with him. He admits that he came on too strong and Hayley has every right to feel hemmed in. Now Tom’s promising all kids of changes if Hayley will give him another chance,” the source said.

However, Atwell has no plans to take Cruise in. After all, the actress was never allegedly invested in her relationship with Cruise as much as the latter was.

It didn’t also take Atwell very long to realize that her 20-year age gap with Cruise would be a problem. On top of this, the rumored also had problems because of Cruise’s religion.

“At the end of the day, she felt they didn’t have enough in common. Tom was hoping to marry Hayley. He’d practically moved to London for her,” the source said.

Following the couple’s split, things have been awkward on the set of Mission: Impossible.

Atwell knows that she needs to be on Cruise’s good side since they will continue to work with each other for a couple more months.

However, Atwell couldn’t also help but notice how awkward things have been on set.

As of late, Atwell and Cruise never confirmed the real status of their relationship. So, it’s possible that the two are just being linked to each other because they are starring in a movie together.

Since Atwell and Cruise never confirmed the real status of their relationship, no one can prove that the co-stars already called it quits. It’s unlikely for two people who have never dated to break up.

And even if Atwell and Cruise really called it quits recently, it’s unlikely for the latter to still be caught up with the former. After all, this isn’t Cruise’s first rumored relationship.