During the last night of filming for No Time to Die, many crew members decided to stay nearby Pinewood Studios until the early hours of the day. All so that they could be able to witness Daniel Craig finally wrap up his last scene as the infamous 007.

In the very last scene, Daniel had to do after a five-long movie run. He didn't do any car scenes, chase sequences, or fight to the death. Instead, it involves his character James Bond running down an alley and disappears around a corner.

The moment weighted itself that felt historic, says Barbara Brocolli and Michael G. Wilson. They are both producers and caretakers of the 59-year-old franchise.

Wilson said that the moment was enough to move the hundreds of people on set to tears as they watched the iconic character disappear.

Wilson told NBC News that it was like a "metaphor for Bond, the character, and for Daniel leaving," which made it immensely emotional for all who were present. It was either they teared up, their voices breaking, or feeling lumps on their throats.

No Time to Die marked the end of Daniel Craig's era as James Bond and is also one of the most popular film franchises in history.

Whilst Daniel took his final bow. Rumors began to circulate as to who will dawn the mantle of James Bond next.

To those who watched the movie, the next 007 would be Lashana Lynch. This major reveal is a first as the next bond is now a woman of color as to the typical actors who played the role before.

Lashana was able to talk to NBC, saying that it was her dad who was the one who brought her to the earlier Bond films. She went on to say that every scene she was in was all her creation and that they were all able to respect her role.

She also said an empowering message to all young Black girls being able to see themselves either on the big or small screen and for young boys to respect the strength of a woman on screen.

The push for Lashana to be the next 007 was brought up by a push from the fans themselves to cast more diversity into the role, which may be a person of color, or a woman, in which they got both.