Angelina Jolie and The Weeknd have been sparking dating rumors throughout the past couple of months.

And just last week, they were photographed hanging out together.

According to sources, Jolie and The Weeknd went on a dinner date. And they were photographed right after they left the restaurant.

But in its Oct. 11 issue, WHO magazine suggested that Jolie’s intentions for hanging out with The Weeknd may not necessarily be pure.

After all, Jolie knows that being seen with the musician could help her gain more young followers.

Jolie is allegedly scared to lose her popularity among the youth that’s why she’s been spending time with the famous artist.

The Weeknd, on the other hand, is allegedly using Jolie so that he could get into the movie business. Since he will be starring in a new show on HBO, The Weeknd wants to get more projects later, and he believes Jolie could help him out.

However, it is important to note that all these claims are just based on speculations. And there’s no proof that Jolie and The Weeknd are just using each other.

It’s possible that the two are really good friends who love to hang out often.

Meanwhile, other tabloids have also been claiming that Jolie and The Weeknd are more than friends.

But regardless of what the tabloids say, it’s not true that Jolie and The Weeknd are an item.

“They are not dating. They have mutual interests and are enjoying putting their ideas together to see what they can come up with. They have been recently talking about partnering on a few humanitarian projects together. He loves talking about movies and the art form,” a source told E! News.

The source added that Jolie and The Weeknd have been enjoying each other’s company, but they are not dating. The Weeknd is just having a blast getting to know the Maleficent actress, and he has formed a close bond with Jolie.

Another source told the same publication that Jolie and The Weeknd met through mutual friends a couple of months ago.

Since they have a lot in common, they hit it off immediately and have been in touch ever since.

It seems that the tabloids assumed that Jolie and The Weeknd are dating because they are both single. Jolie has been single since her divorce from Pitt in 2016.

The Weeknd, on the other hand, was rumored to be in a relationship with songstress Rosalia last year.