Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck are allegedly looking ahead into their future.

In its Oct. 11 issue, WHO magazine claimed that Lopez and Affleck have already started planning for Christmas.

Since the A-listers want to celebrate the holidays with their respective children, Lopez and Affleck need to figure out a way how to include each other in their plans.

A source claimed that Lopez and Affleck will most likely bring their kids when they celebrate. And they will most definitely make the most out of the break.

“This year, it would take some more planning since Ben wants to be with his kids, too. They’re still working it all out,” the source said.

However, it is unclear if Lopez and Affleck’s ex-partners will also attend their Christmas celebration. After all, Marc Anthony and Jennifer Garner also want to spend time with their kids during the holidays.

Other than their Christmas celebrations, Lopez and Affleck are also, allegedly, planning their wedding and living arrangements.

There are claims that the couple tied the knot over the summer that’s why they are now focused on planning their wedding.

One tabloid previously claimed that the year won’t end without a piece of wedding news from the happy couple.

Other tabloids are also insisting that Lopez and Affleck are trying to work out their living arrangements. And since Affleck is based in Texas right now because he’s filming his new movie, Lopez is there with him.

However, none of the tabloids’ claims have been proven to be accurate. After all, Lopez and Affleck are not in a rush to settle down. They’ve been married before so they are more likely more careful these days.

As for the A-listers’ Christmas plans, it’s obvious that the tabloid is just speculating on it. Lopez and Affleck do not normally divulge their Christmas plans beforehand so it’s unclear where the tabloid got this idea from.

However, it is guaranteed that Lopez and Affleck will spend the holiday season with their respective children. What’s unclear is if they will also celebrate Christmas together.

Lopez and Affleck just started dating a few months ago, and they don’t seem pressured to do anything. In fact, the tabloids are the ones pressuring the couple to make major decisions in their lives.

For now, Lopez and Affleck seem to be enjoying their second chance at love since they’ve already dated before, but things didn’t work out.