Prince Andrew is allegedly plotting his next secret move once he leaves Balmoral.

In its Oct. 11 issue, Star claimed that Prince Andrew has been hiding in Balmoral amid fears that he will be arrested and sent to prison for sexual abuse.

Since Balmoral is private property, it’s unlikely for police officers to be allowed entry. And as a result, they can never arrest the Duke of York while he’s there.

However, Prince Andrew also allegedly knows that he can’t hide forever. So, he’s allegedly plotting his next secret move.

But before doing so, he’s allegedly maximizing his time in Balmoral by drinking expensive champagne and eating everything that he wants.

“He’d been drinking expensive champagne, going for long walks on the stunning land, and riding horses as if he didn’t have a care in the world. It’s very apparent that he was trying to brush the scandal under the rug or was in some form of denial,” the source said.

The insider also claimed that the royal family has been having crisis meetings in Balmoral because of the Duke of York. Everyone is allegedly worried that he would drag the royal family into his grave after he was accused by Virginia Roberts Giuffre of sexual abuse.

A source claimed that the allegations are making Prince Andrew feel a bit too worried. But his biggest concern is that his friends might ditch him.

“Andrew is petrified that his circle of friends will drop him and he’ll be blacklisted from fancy parties and glamorous events. The socialites he hangs out with are buzzing that there is no smoke without fire,” the source said.

However, the tabloid’s claims are not completely accurate. After all, Prince Andrew isn’t in hiding. He went to Balmoral to spend time with Queen Elizabeth over the summer.

And now that summer break is over, he will return to the Royal Lodge to be with his ex-wife, Sarah Ferguson.

There’s no reason for Prince Andrew to go into hiding because he will not reportedly go to prison following a previous agreement that was signed.

Last week, he made headlines amid claims that he finally acknowledged the lawsuit that Roberts filed against him.

However, doing so doesn’t mean that Prince Andrew will ever confirm what he did wrong. It only means that he might be willing to pay Roberts a hefty sum of money to keep quiet.