Jennifer Aniston is allegedly hurt after learning how close Angelina Jolie has become to her good friend, Salma Hayek.

In its Sept. 25 issue, Closer UK claimed that Aniston feels betrayed after learning that Jolie relied on her Eternals co-star in the wake of her custody battle with Brad Pitt.

“Jen was a bit taken aback to see how close Angelina and Salma had become. It hurt that someone she is friends with is now close to her nemesis, but she is trying not to dwell on it,” the source said.

The insider added that Aniston doesn’t also understand why Jolie has so much hatred towards her ex-husband. After all, the Friends has nothing but wonderful things to say about Pitt.

In fact, the two have maintained a very close friendship with each other. And Pitt and Aniston have also been talking regularly because the actor is also leaning on his ex-wife.

“Jen believes he’s genuinely a nice guy who just wants to be a good dad and not have any more drama in his life. She picked up the phone after hearing about the interview with Angelina to make sure he was holding up,” the source said.

Meanwhile, the tabloid claimed that Aniston still hasn’t gotten over the things that Jolie did to her. In fact, The Morning Show actress became convinced that Jolie decided to join Instagram to compete with her.

After all, the Maleficent actress managed to break the record for gaining one million followers in three hours. The record previously belonged to Aniston.

However, a source close to Jolie said that the actress just wants to make a comeback. And she understands that doing so entails dragging Pitt and possibly even Aniston into the mix.

But the mom of six just wants to stay true to herself like what she has been doing for so long.

As of late, no one knows for sure that Aniston feels about Jolie amid her ongoing custody battle with Pitt. And Aniston has not also opened up about Jolie breaking Instagram records.

So, it’s obvious that the tabloid is just speculating on this matter.

There’s also no proof that Pitt has been leaning on Aniston for help and support amid his ongoing custody battle with Jolie. The actor has stayed mum on the matter for quite some time and he will continue to do so for the sake of his kids.