Taylor Swift and Joe Alwyn are allegedly engaged, but they are keeping things a secret from fans for now.

In its Sept. 27 issue, In Touch Weekly claimed that Swift and Alwyn have already been together for four years. And this is one of Swift’s longest relationships. So, it’s obvious that the two are headed down the aisle.

And since Swift and Alwyn are allegedly secretly engaged, they are also planning their dream wedding quietly. However, the tabloid and its unnamed source claimed to know all the details from the couple’s special day.

“After four years together, Taylor is feeling stable in her relationship and is in a place in her career where she can take a breather, so she’s planning her dream wedding. They’ve been talking about it for a while now, but of course, Taylor is taking the lead. She’s thought of every single detail,” the source said.

The insider also claimed that Swift and Alwyn’s nuptials will most likely take place in December since this is the singer’s favorite month.

“Everyone knows it’s her favorite time of year. Her birthday is on the 13th, and Christmas is her favorite holiday. Taylor wants a winter wonderland theme,” the source said.

The insider also claimed to know who will be invited to Swift and Alwyn’s wedding, as well as their entourage. For instance, they are speculating on the possibility of Selena Gomez being Swift’s maid of honor.

According to the source, Swift wants her wedding day to be a major surprise for all her fans. As such, she’s planning on dropping Easter eggs so that they could feel included even though they won’t be invited to her wedding.

Alwyn is allegedly on board with whatever it is that Swift wants for their wedding. Even though he’s the shy and quiet type, he understands that he will soon be married to a famous artist. And he also believes that Swift deserves all the fanfare.

The only problem is that Swift and Alwyn are not yet engaged. Multiple publications have been speculating on their engagement simply because it seems Swift has been dropping multiple clues.

But until the singer confirms that she’s engaged, everything else is just a rumor.

So, if Swift and Alwyn are not yet engaged, there’s no reason for the singer to already be planning her dream wedding in December.