Queen Elizabeth might need to fake it until she makes it.

There are ongoing claims that Meghan Markle will return to the United Kingdom with her entire family for Lili’s christening.

In its Sept. 27 issue, In Touch Weekly claimed that the Duke and Duchess of Sussex managed to get the queen’s approval to have Lili christening in the UK.

However, the queen was forced into making that decision because she didn’t want to look bad.

Now, another source is saying that this isn’t where the queen’s agony would end.

Other than being forced to meet Prince Harry and Markle, she also needs to pose for photographs with the Sussexes.

“Word is that this will be a quick trip, almost like a photo op, to create the illusion that the Sussexes are still in with the queen. The royal staff is terrified because wherever Meghan goes, drama seems to follow. But whether they like it or not, she’s back,” the source said.

The insider also said that Prince William and Kate Middleton are currently facing the same dilemma. After all, they have no choice but to attend Lili’s christening even though they’re not on good terms with the Sussexes.

To make things worse, the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge also need to pose for photographs with the Sussexes because this is a common practice during royal christenings.

“Charles and Camilla and William and Kate have no choice but to attend. Harry and Meghan have them over a barrel. To refuse would only give them more ammunition for their next interview or for the memoir Harry is writing. There will be lots of pleasantries and head-nodding. No one really wants to address what’s really going on,” the source said.

As of late, Prince Harry and Markle are not yet confirmed to return to the UK. And it seems they have no plans to take that trip anytime soon.

Markle just gave birth to her daughter in June, so it might not be safe for Lili to be brought to the UK especially since the Delta variant of COVID-19 targets children.

It is also unlikely for Lili to be christened in the UK because her parents are now based in the United States. Prince Harry and Markle also quit their royal duties last year, which means that they are no longer entitled to the same privileges that they used to have.