Thomas Markle Sr. has some strong words against his daughter, Meghan Markle.

During his appearance on Sunrise, Thomas shared his insights about not being able to meet his grandkids.

He said that he’s desperate to meet Archie and Lili since they are at an age where you just want to get to know them.

“Lili is at the age where you just simply hold her. Archie would probably be a great little playmate; I'd probably get along very well with him… he seems like a sweet kid,” he said.

However, Thomas has no plans to force his daughter to allow him to meet his grandchildren. Instead, the 77-year-old just wants to wait things out until Markle cools down and makes the decision on her own.

“What lengths would I go to see them? I would wait patiently until they [Meghan and Harry] were ready to bring them to me. As long as my daughter has the attitude that she doesn't want me to see them, that's the way it's going to be. I certainly won't do anything silly,” he said.

With this, Thomas went on to say that grandparents in the US could sue the parents if they refuse to allow them to meet their grandchildren. And several lawyers have already approached Thomas and convinced him to do the same with his daughter.

However, the former lighting director refused to sue Markle because he doesn’t want to turn the entire situation into a game where his grandchildren are the pawns.

Thomas then vowed to wait until Markle grants him permission to see her children.

Meanwhile, Thomas previously called his daughter controlling. And New Idea claimed that this might have lowered his chances of meeting his grandchildren.

Markle has been estranged from her dad since 2018. They used to have a very close relationship, but things turned sour after Thomas posed for a series of fake photos ahead of Prince Harry and Markle’s royal wedding.

Back then, Daily Mail published Thomas’ photos getting fitted for his wedding suit. He was also photographed trying on his wedding shoes.

However, Thomas’ deed resulted in him being banned from the Duke and Duchess of Sussex’s wedding. And the father and son have not spoken to each other since then.

Over the years, Thomas has attacked Markle publicly during his interviews. And he continues to do so to this day.