Meghan Markle allegedly needed some convincing before she agreed to return to the United Kingdom this year.

However, in its Sept. 20 issue, Heat UK claimed that Markle also gave Prince Harry and the palace staff a long list of outrageous demands for her trip.

A source said that Markle’s first demand is for the trip to either take place in September or October. But she also has other conditions.

“She wants guards by her and family’s side 24/7, five-star lodgings, and an assurance that she’ll have full control over any press briefings, as well as her timetable while she’s here. She also wants Harry by her side at all times. She’s doing this for Harry and the kids as she realizes it’s important, but after everything she went through in the UK, there’s a great deal of reticence,” the source said.

Markle also requested a private meeting with Queen Elizabeth before her trip to ensure that there won’t be any awkwardness between them when they see each other.

The Duchess of Sussex received flak for her arrogance to try and set a private meeting with the queen. However, sources close to her said that this isn’t part of her outrageous demands for her UK trip.

Rather, Markle just wanted to catch up with Her Majesty because they have always been on good terms.

“Meghan and Harry are very aware that they still have a lot of critics in the UK. Meghan, in particular, knows that her every move will be scrutinized, from their method of travel to what she wears. So, she’s taking the necessary steps to protect herself. There’s no way she’d let herself feel as vulnerable as she did the last time she was in the UK,” the source said.

However, the tabloid’s claims are evidently just another attack at Markle.

First, the Duke and Duchess of Sussex are not planning to return to the UK anytime soon. And even if they are, Markle won’t have a long list of her outrageous demands.

There is also no proof that Markle asked for a private meeting with the queen. IF this was only for the sole purpose of catching up with the monarch, there’s no need for her to ask for a private meeting because she and Prince Harry regularly call the queen.