Meghan Markle is allegedly writing a memoir, but it won’t just be about the royal family.

In its September 20 issue, In Touch Weekly claimed that Markle has been writing in her diary since she was 9 years old. She’s used to jotting her thoughts down on paper, and she continues to write in her diary today.

A source claimed that Markle has decided to share some parts of her diaries with the world. So, her memoir will tackle her troubled childhood, as well as her complicated family dynamics.

Markle has always been close to her parents, Doria Ragland and Thomas Markle Sr. However, they divorced when she was still very young. So, Markle had to go back and forth between her parents’ houses so that someone would look after her.

The Duchess of Sussex also has half-siblings. Samantha Markle and Thomas Markle Jr. have both claimed to know their younger half-sibling very well. Samantha even has a photo with Markle.

However, Prince Harry’s wife has been adamant at saying that she didn’t know her half-siblings that well. And she also said that she never had a relationship with them.

Other than her family dynamics and struggles, Markle will also, allegedly detail her love story with Prince Harry in her memoir.

A lot of authors have already published their own version of the Duke and Duchess of Sussex’s love story. But this time around, it would come from Markle herself.

On top of this, Markle will also talk about her journey as a first-time mom to Archie. And she would also share exciting details about the birth of her daughter, Lili.

“She’s just going through piles of notes and picking out the most meaningful excerpts,” the source said.

And no memoir would be complete if Markle won’t talk about her falling out with Kate Middleton. Markle will also tackle the speculations regarding her involvement in the book, Finding Freedom.

“That includes the encounter she had with Kate Middleton over the bridesmaids dress that allegedly left her in tears, as well as how she came to have suicidal thoughts while holed up in the palace after she and Harry got married,” the source said.

But as exciting as this might sound, there’s no truth to it. Markle isn’t writing a memoir just like her husband.

This rumor about Markle writing a memoir has been going around for years. But it’s not going to happen anytime soon.