Kim Kardashian is still, allegedly, in love with Kanye West. In its September 20 issue, OK! magazine claimed that Kardashian’s feelings for West are still there, and the rapper knows about it.

The Keeping Up With the Kardashians star also wants to maintain a peaceful and loving relationship with West for the sake of their four children. And the rapper allegedly wants to use this as leverage to try and win Kardashian back.

“Kanye’s using that as leverage. Plus, he’s pouring on the charm and making her feel like a bona fide princess,” the source said.

However, the tabloid’s source then contradicted their initial claims by saying that a reconciliation between the two will most likely not happen.

“Kim still loves Kanye. But as good as his intentions may be, he remains as erratic and unpredictable as ever,” the source said.  

OK! magazine isn’t the only tabloid that’s been speculating regarding the possibility of Kardashian and West getting back together.

Several others have also been saying that the rapper is trying to pursue his ex-wife all over again.

One tabloid even went as far as saying that West has been smothering Kardashian with expensive presents as though to say that the reality TV star is materialistic and can be bought.

However, this is not necessarily the case. If Kardashian wanted to get back together with West, she would’ve done so without any conditions.

But the fact that no announcement about their reconciliation has been made proves that it’s not happening anytime soon.

For now, Kardashian and West are nothing more than friends and co-parents.

Meanwhile, the exes also made headlines today amid claims that West and Kardashian just had another highly-publicized falling out.

The rapper reportedly unfollowed Kardashian on Instagram amid rumors that she cheated on him before their divorce.

In June, West also unfollowed all of Kardashian’s family members on Instagram.

After unfollowing Kardashian on Instagram, West set his account to private. And he’s only following 13 other accounts right now.

The rapper has also deleted all his posts on Instagram except for one.

Prior to this, Kardashian and West had been making public appearances while promoting the latter’s Donda album. In fact, during one of their appearances, Kardashian even donned a wedding dress that led fans to believe that she wants to get back together with West.