Meghan Markle is allegedly planning a surprise trip to the United Kingdom, and she’s keeping the details under wraps.

In its September 20 issue, Woman’s Day claimed that Markle doesn’t want Queen Elizabeth to know about the trip because she wants to surprise her.

Markle is also, allegedly, planning to bring Archie and Lili with her to the United Kingdom.

However, the queen’s palace staff has secretly informed her about Markle’s plans. And they are also urging the monarch to be careful.

After all, the queen’s staff is convinced that Markle would return to the United Kingdom on a mission. But even if this is the case, they are aware that they are just buying time to protect the queen but they can’t keep her away from Prince Harry and Markle forever.

“They’re scrambling to prepare for any possibility, including that the Sussexes just want a photo op of their baby with the queen to maximize publicity for their own causes,” the source said.

A second insider also wants to remind the queen to be careful with what she will tell Markle when they finally reunite.

“The queen should be very careful about what she says while taking an audience with the Sussexes. There is absolutely no trust anymore. No one would put it past them to record the conversation and use it in an interview or an upcoming production,” the source said.

Months ago, there were absurd claims that Prince Harry recorded his conversations with the royal family when he returned to the United Kingdom for Prince Philip’s funeral.

And there are new suggestions that Markle could do the same when she finally sets foot in the United Kingdom and reunites with Her Majesty.

Unfortunately, no one is allegedly happy to learn about Markle’s plan to return home. And it also seems fishy that she won’t be going to her husband’s hometown with Prince Harry.

However, one should take the tabloid’s claims with a grain of salt. Markle has no plans to return to the UK. And if she is flying there, she will most likely be joined by Prince Harry.

During the same reunion – regardless of when it will be – Prince Harry and Markle won’t record their conversations with Her Majesty as a sign of respect for her.