Gwen Stefani isn’t allegedly thrilled to know that Gavin Rossdale is dating her lookalike, Gwen Singer.

In its September 30 issue, National Enquirer claimed that Stefani thinks it’s creepy for Rossdale to date someone that shares so many similarities with his ex-wife.

And it’s even creepier than the musician is parading his new girlfriend around.

“He’s obviously loving the attention and the comparisons between his ex-wife and his new gal pal, but she finds it icky and pathetic,” the source said.

The No Doubt singer also allegedly thinks that Rossdale is dating someone that resembles her because he’s still jealous after all these years since they divorced.

“Gwen chalks this up to spite and jealousy since it’s an open secret Gwen was bitter to be left out of her nuptials to Blake while she posted loving photos of her boys with her new hubby. She sees his new romance as a desperate ploy to steal her thunder, and she’s warning Gavin to keep his new arm candy away from her sons – or else,” the source said.

However, the tabloid’s claims are evidently inconsistent. After all, Stefani thinks that Rossdale is bitter after he was not invited to her and Shelton’s wedding.

But to say that Stefani is furious that Rossdale is dating her lookalike also makes it seem as though she’s also bitter.

Luckily, none of the tabloid’s claims are correct. Stefani has not weighed in on Rossdale’s new relationship, and it’s unlikely for her to ever will.

The singer is still on a wedding bliss months after tying the knot with Shelton so it’s unlikely for her to concern herself with her ex-husband’s dating activities.

It is also not true that Rossdale is upset that he wasn’t invited to Stefani and Shelton’s wedding. After all, there’s no reason for him to be there. Rossdale and Stefani are co-parenting their kids, but there’s no report about them potentially being best friends.

Meanwhile, Rossdale also made headlines recently amid reports that he and Singer have been dating since April.

The two first met on a podcast, and they immediately fell in love.

However, there are some predictions that Singer and Rossdale’s relationship won’t last. After all, the two reportedly come from different worlds.

And as of late, Rossdale still hasn’t introduced Singer to his three sons and it’s unclear if he ever will.