Kanye West has allegedly been canceled by his fans. In its September 30 issue, National Enquirer claimed that a lot of people were enraged when West invited Marilyn Manson and DaBaby to his listening party for Donda in Chicago.

The rapper’s ex-wife, Kim Kardashian, as well as their four children were also there.

Manson was previously accused of sexual abuse, so a lot of people were not pleased to see him there.

They weren’t also thrilled to see West’s fellow rapper DaBaby thereafter he made hateful homophobic remarks on social media and while he was in concerts.

A source claimed that West didn’t think of the possible repercussions of his actions because he’s all about publicity.

“But in the current social climate, he definitely crossed the line. Kanye wanted to make headlines, but the backlash against him is bigger than he ever expected,” the source said.

This isn’t the only criticism that West received following the release of Donda.

A lot of people also questioned his decision to invite his ex-wife to the listening party. And while promoting the album, Kardashian even surprised West by wearing a wedding dress.

Earlier this year, Kardashian and West announced their decision to divorce. So, Kardashian wearing a wedding gown at the party raised red flags among the reality TV star’s fans.

Tabloids have also been claiming that Kardashian and West have already called off their divorce because they continue to make public appearances together.

In fact, some tabloids have gone as far as saying that Kardashian refuses to divorce West because of his money. And since they are two of the richest couples in Hollywood, it’s important for the reality TV star to keep her billionaire status.

Other sources have also alleged that West refuses to let Kardashian go. And he’s been exerting all sorts of efforts to make sure that he would be able to win her back.

However, family and friends of Kardashian are allegedly worried that she may never escape West if she decides to give him a second chance.

But none of these claims are true. Since the tabloid is accusing West of wanting all the publicity that he could get, it’s also possible that Kardashian is just helping him promote his new album.

Unfortunately, this doesn’t mean that the exes are getting back together or that they are calling off their divorce.