Johnny Depp recently sparked rumors that he got into a fight after he was photographed with a bruised hand.

The speculations were allegedly concerning especially since Johnny Depp was previously accused of domestic violence by his ex-wife, Amber Heard.

In its September 20 issue, National Enquirer published a photo of the actor and it showed two bruises on his right hand. The marks are closely positioned beside Depp’s massive tattoos.

To confirm their speculations, the tabloid spoke to a so-called expert that described the marking on Depp’s hand as blunt-force trauma.

The expert said that it’s obvious that the actor punched someone or something.

A skin expert also said that the bruises are unlikely to be a result of a skin condition. After all, the marks look like they are an abrasion but that they are also in their healing process.

“This isn’t the result of some kind of dermatological condition,” Dr. Boris Zaks, a Beverly Hills dermatologist said.

With this, the tabloid claimed that Depp’s rage has been on display for many years. But it was his ex-wife’s domestic abuse complaints that everyone thought would put an end to his streak. Unfortunately, this doesn’t seem to be the case.

“Johnny’s temper has caused him more pain than anybody else. He loses control and too often he’s the one who gets hurt in the end,” the source said.

Meanwhile, the tabloid’s sources also claimed that Depp must have been drinking nonstop in recent months. After all, his face is discolored and bloated.

But upon closer inspection, Depp’s face looks discolored in the photo because of the bright lighting. And while it may be true that he had been drinking a lot, this would be hard to determine simply by looking at just one photo alone.

It’s also hard to assume that Depp has been having fistfights with other people because there are no news reports about this.

And if there, Depp would’ve been very careful about being seen in public because of Heard’s previous accusations.

It seems that the photo of Depp that was published by the tabloid is also old. After all, Depp has not made any public appearances lately.

Last month, Depp admitted that he’s worried about the release of his movie, Minamata. After all, his recent issues might have affected the industry’s decision to not release the film for the big screen.