Jennifer Lopez allegedly gave Ben Affleck an ultimatum to propose in 30 days or she’ll break up with her.

In its September 13 issue, In Touch Weekly claimed that Lopez is looking forward to what would be her sixth engagement. However, it seemed as though Affleck didn’t have any plans to propose just yet.

Since Lopez is ready to settle down, she allegedly gave Affleck an ultimatum to propose as soon as possible, and the actor listened.

A source claimed that this is why Affleck visited a Tiffany store with her mom and son last month.

The insider said that Affleck wants to marry Lopez. But he was hoping to bide his time for a bit.

“He’s fallen right back into Jennifer’s whirlwind lifestyle, and he’s all in. He’s more than ready to propose. It would be J.Lo’s sixth engagement, but he’s confident it will be her last,” the source said.

So, for now, Affleck is looking for the perfect engagement ring to surprise Lopez with. Since he knows that Lopez wants her rings big and expensive, he’s exerting as much effort as he can into finding the perfect jewelry.

“He wants to find something bigger, brighter, and more expensive than she’s ever gotten. He can’t disappoint. The engagement would really just be a formality because the relationship has moved so fast,” the source said.

Prior to their engagement, Lopez and Affleck have allegedly been looking at houses. And they are also excited to plan their wedding. After all, they are madly in love with each other and want to make their relationship work this time around.

Affleck and Lopez first became a couple two decades ago. But their relationship ended in a split due to the pressures that they received from their fans.

This time around, the A-listers are more mature to handle the pressures of being a celebrity couple so they’re in it for the long haul.

But even if this is the case, Lopez and Affleck have no plans to get engaged just yet. It seems that the A-listers are just enjoying their time with each other.

If a proposal and an engagement happen, Affleck and Lopez will share the news with the world. So, it doesn’t make sense why the tabloids keep speculating on the possibility that the two would eventually settle down.