Camilla Parker Bowles has always wanted to move into Windsor Castle, and she feels it’s only right for her to live there with Prince Charles because she’s the future queen consort.

In its September 13 issue, New Idea claimed that Camilla had been urging Prince Charles to relocate to Windsor Castle with her even before his coronation. But it seems she was forced to change her plans.

After all, Camilla recently found out that Prince William and his family will be moving into Windsor Castle temporarily while they are looking for a house closer to London.

A source claimed that Prince William’s relocation might also become permanent because he will also be crowned as king one day, and he feels entitled to the opportunity.

With this, the insider alleged that Camilla can’t help but become upset with her stepson. After all, she told Prince William time and again about her desire to move to Windsor Castle.

Initially, the Duke of Cambridge seemed supportive of what Camilla wanted to do. So, the Duchess of Cornwall couldn’t help but be surprised that he has something up his sleeve. And when Camilla raised her concerns with Queen Elizabeth, it was obvious that the monarch sided with her grandson.

“Camilla is furious. She is married to the next king, and her plea for Windsor has been tossed out by the queen with very little thought,” the source said.

As of late, no one knows for sure if Camilla will be called queen consort when Prince Charles becomes king. So, it’s unlikely for her to be making all of these major decisions.

There’s also no reason for Camilla to want to relocate to Windsor Castle right now when she and Prince Charles have several properties to their name.

And most importantly, Camilla and Prince William have a wonderful relationship

Meanwhile, royal author Phil Dampier said that Camilla won’t get the public’s sympathy when the time comes. After all, some royal fans just wouldn’t warm up to her no matter what she tries to do.

“The problem is she and Charles are now looking old compared to William and Kate, whose popularity has soared. All hopes are now being pinned on the Cambridges, really. Charles is sandwiched between them and the living legend, the queen, so it’s difficult for him,” the source said.

However, Dampier wasn’t also able to provide any concrete proof that Camilla isn’t well-loved by Britons. So, it’s possible that what he’s saying is just based on hearsays.