Angelina Jolie is allegedly spoiling her kids to make sure that they won’t take their dad Brad Pitt’s side.

In its September 13 issue, Star claimed that Jolie has been buying her children expensive kids for fear that if she doesn’t, they would support Pitt instead.

To make their story more convincing, the tabloid published a photo of Jolie carrying a huge orange shopping bag in one of her hands. And in her other hand is a huge stuffed teddy bear.

A source claimed that Jolie has turned in a Disneyland mom figure who rarely says no to what her children ask from her.

“It’s costing a fortune and ripping down all the boundaries she and Brad set up when they were together,” the source said.

According to the source, Jolie is also thinking about surprising her children with a new mansion in Beverly Hills.

And when Pitt allegedly found out about his ex-wife’s plans, he was furious. After all, he raised his children to be very simple kids. And he also made sure to give them a normal upbringing even though they’re aware of their parent's status.

“He and Angelina used to give them allowances, and they had to save up to buy things but now that’s all out the window,” the source said.

Unfortunately for Pitt, Jolie couldn’t allegedly care less about what he thinks. However, the actress also allegedly insists that she’s not spoiling her kids.

This isn’t the first time that Jolie was accused of spoiling her children.

Exactly a year ago, Us Weekly published a similar story about Jolie. They claimed that the mom of six is figuring out ways how she could come on top amid her custody battle with Pitt.

And one of the tactics that she thought of was to make sure that she spoils her kids to make sure that they would stay away from their dad.

A source also claimed that Jolie tries to make sure that her kids would look happy when they’re out in public. This way, they would also look happy in their photos when the paparazzi take snaps of them.

However, none of these claims are true. After all, Jolie isn’t trying to buy her kids’ love and affection with expensive presents. There’s no reason for her to because Jolie’s children have always been loyal to her.