Because of lockdowns and social distancing brought about by the global coronavirus pandemic, families have been unable to come together. Take, for instance, musician Diplo, model Jevon King, and his son.

As reported by NBC News, Diplo posted a short video of his son Pace on Instagram, accompanied by a caption explaining that he was hesitant to post about him because the baby already had “a better haircut” than him. He also admitted that it was because the coronavirus pandemic prevented him from meeting up with his son and his son’s mother.

This admission comes after he admitted the existence of his son through a Mother’s Day post on his Instagram. As CNN reports, the “emotional” post paid tribute to important women in his life, such as his mother, his ex-girlfriend Kathryn Lockhart, and the mother of his son, Jevon King.

In it, he called them the “three strongest mothers in the world” and thanked them for giving him three “perfect beautiful boys” despite being a “work in progress.” 

King had actually announced the birth of her baby a couple of months ago in March. At the time, King did not reveal who the father of her baby was. On Mother’s Day, she posted a picture of her cradling Pace and calling him her “peace” in the midst of her “chaos.” 

Back in 2014, King represented Trinidad and Tobago in the Miss Universe pageant.

Diplo is not the only celebrity to share baby news during this global coronavirus pandemic. Earlier in the month, Rupert Grint and his partner Georgia Groome welcomed a baby girl. This was a month after the pair were spotted shopping for lockdown supplies in Northern London.

Another celebrity couple that has been in the spotlight because of baby news is model Gigi Hadid and singer-songwriter Zayn Malik. Just recently, Hadid posted on her Instagram promising to be as good of a parent as her mother, Yolanda. Hadid had earlier confirmed her pregnancy on “The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon” after the news leaked a month ago.

Whether Diplo will be able to meet Pace anytime soon is up for debate as the number of confirmed COVID-19 cases around the world continues to rise. According to the World Health Organization’s situation report for May 12, there are now 4,088,848 confirmed COVID-19 cases globally. Of that total, 82,591 are new cases. COVID-19 has been the cause of death for 283,153 people. New deaths make up 4,261 of that total.

In the United States, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention pegs the number of confirmed COVID-19 cases at 1,342,594 people. The number of people that have died due to COVID-19 is at 80,820.