Kim Kardashian is allegedly staying married to Kanye West because she’s greedy and wants his money.

In its September 6 issue, In Touch Weekly claimed Kardashian didn’t second guess her decision to divorce West because of love. Rather, she realized that she would do better financially if they stayed married to each other.

A source claimed that being one of Hollywood’s most powerful couples throughout their seven-year marriage was the ultimate aphrodisiac for the reality TV star.

And Kardashian realized that she’s not ready to give up this important title.

“It’s all about wealth for the Kardashians, and it’s no different for Kim. She loves fame and has a history of being greedy. So she may be willing to stay married for the money,” the source said.

The insider also claimed that Kardashian needs West’s net worth so that they could retain their title as the second-richest couple in Hollywood next to Salma Hayek and her husband.

But another source said that it’s also possible that Kardashian wants to rekindle her marriage to West because she misses him and loves him.

And when the Keeping Up With the Kardashians star filed for divorce from the rapper months ago, she seemed to have a very different mindset.

After all, the exes were seemingly stressed because of everything that’s been happening in their lives.

West had been staying in his ranch in Wyoming for months. And Kardashian was also busy with her studies. As a result, the couple didn’t get to spend as much time with each other as possible.

“But she realized being single isn’t all it’s cracked up to be. Despite all she has, she goes through periods of feeling extremely alone,” the source said.

The rumors about Kardashian and West reconciling started after the exes were spotted hanging out with each other at the latter’s launch party.

Days later, the exes continued to spend time with each other, as well as with their four children.

But despite Kardashian and West’s recent reunions, there’s no proof that they are officially calling off their divorce.

While it may be possible for them to do so, they have yet to make an official announcement.

This means that the tabloid’s claims are just solely based on hearsays and cannot, therefore, be trusted as the absolute truth.

For now, Kardashian and West are still friends and co-parents to their kids.