Prince Harry allegedly reunited with his ex-girlfriend, Chelsy Davy in Aspen, Colorado recently.

In its September 6 issue, New Idea published a photo of Prince Harry chatting with a blonde girl during his polo match.

The face of the girl isn’t shown because her face is turned against the camera. But the tabloid is insisting that the unnamed woman resembled Prince Harry’s ex, Davy.

A source for the tabloid also claimed that it wouldn’t be a surprise if Prince Harry and Davy end up chatting in public because they are still good friends to this day.

In fact, the Duke of Sussex and Davy still talk to each other from time to time as long as time permits.

However, the issue with the tabloid’s story is that it suggests that Prince Harry and Davy chatted at the polo match without Meghan Markle’s knowledge.

After all, Markle didn’t join her husband on his trip because she is tending to her newborn daughter, Lilibet Diana, as well as her 2-year-old son, Archie.

Unfortunately, the tabloid’s claim isn’t accurate because there’s no proof that Davy was also in Aspen while Prince Harry was there.

So, even though the exes have an amicable relationship, they didn’t reunite in public recently.

And all the more is it not true that Prince Harry chatted with his ex behind his wife’s back because there’s no reason for her too.

Meanwhile, this isn’t the first time that New Idea published a story about Prince Harry and Davy.

Last year, the tabloid also alleged that the exes were caught secretly meeting in London.

A source claimed that Prince Harry decided to stay in London for a few more days after his Commonwealth meeting with Queen Elizabeth.

And since he knew that he wouldn’t be able to see his close friends for a long time, he allegedly decided to meet with them at a party. And his ex was there.

Prince Harry was allegedly grinning from ear to ear as he walked into the room. And he couldn't believe his eyes when he saw Davy there. He allegedly gave his ex a tight hug and was thrilled to chat with her the entire night. 

However, the tabloid accusing Prince Harry of secretly meeting Davy while he’s married to Markle is an insult to the Duchess of Sussex. And there’s also no truth to it.

And even if Prince Harry and Davy met for whatever reason, Markle would definitely have some knowledge about it beforehand.