Princess Diana loved both of her sons equally. But a tabloid is saying that she might choose one over the other if she were still alive.

In its September 6 issue, In Touch Weekly claimed that Princess Diana would’ve taken Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s side amid everything that’s been going on.

After all, she would’ve supported the Duke and Duchess of Sussex’s decision to quit The Firm.

“She would’ve been able to relate because of her own personal experience of constantly being under the microscope and struggles with criticism. And Harry has memories of when Diana broke free from the royal family – she was so much happier and confident,” the source said.

The insider added that Prince Harry has also pointed out the similarities that Princess Diana shares with Markle.

“He thinks his mom would for sure have admired Meghan for having the guts to speak out about the dark side of being in The Firm. Harry says that Diana would’ve taken Meghan under her wing and looked out for her, and he’s spot on,” the source said.

However, the insider also said that Princess Diana would’ve also related to Prince William and Kate Middleton. But for entirely different reasons.

Prior to her passing, the Princess of Wales was always worried about her eldest son because of the pressures he would face as the future king of Britain.

But when it comes to Prince William and Prince Harry’s feud, the late royal would’ve expected her eldest son to be the bigger person. So, in this respect, Princess Diana would’ve also sided with Prince Harry.

At the end of the day, blood is still thicker than water. And the only that would've mattered to Princess Diana is her sons are making up. 

However, it seems that this is just the tabloid’s way of creating more drama between Prince William and Prince Harry, as well as their late mom.

If Princess Diana were still alive, she would’ve encouraged her sons to set aside their rift. She would’ve also been very supportive of their choices and decisions.

By the looks of it, Princess Diana would never take sides with her sons because she wants them to stay united with each other.

The tabloid is just creating this dubious story about Princess Diana for clickbait. And also because August 31 is the Princess of Wales's death anniversary.