Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez are allegedly ready to go all out for a place that they could call home.

In its September 6 issue, National Enquirer claimed that Affleck and Lopez are currently looking for a massive property that they could share with their children.

And since money is not a cause for concern for the couple, Affleck and Lopez are willing to spend anywhere between $40 and $90 million.

But even though the couple has a ton of money to spare for a place to call their home, a source for the tabloid said that they’re having a hard time closing a deal.

After all, Affleck and Lopez are extremely famous so they need to find a place that’s private enough for them and their respective children.

The insider added that a lot of famous people also tie the knot on their properties for their own safety and privacy. So, it’s possible for Affleck and Lopez to follow in these couples’ footsteps.

“They both know there will be a circus around their second engagement and wedding. There’s no way they’d put their families through that, which is why they’re searching for the perfect property to privately say, ‘I do,’” the source said.

But even though there’s a risk for the couple, the insider said that they are still keen to tie the knot.

And the coming months until next year will be huge for Affleck and Lopez because this is when they will move in together, tie the knot, and potentially have a baby via a surrogate.

Meanwhile, the insider said that one of the ways to know that Lopez and Affleck are serious about a place is if they visit it with their respective children.

Since Lopez’s twins, Max and Emme could be living with Affleck’s kids, Violet, Seraphina, and Samuel, all five need to get along.

A similar thing happened when Lopez dated Alex Rodriguez. The exes merged their families together and Lopez’s twins became very close with Rodriguez’s daughters.

All five kids are expected to take part in Affleck and Lopez’s wedding. But it won’t be anything huge because the A-listers have already been married before.

Unfortunately, none of the tabloid’s claims are accurate. Affleck and Lopez aren’t looking for a property together. And the couple isn’t also in a rush to tie the knot.

It is important to note that Affleck has not even proposed to Lopez so there’s no way for the two to tie the knot anytime soon.