Aside from accusing the former President Barack Obama of all the problems, and jumping over his treatment of an Asian American journalist before Dr. Anthony Fauci appearing before a Senate committee, and verbal arguments before the Supreme Court about the president's efforts to retain his financial information and tax returns from Congress and New York prosecutors.

Giving a brief glimpse of his impending testimony, the government's top infectious disease specialist told The New York Times via an email that skipping over the checkpoints in the guidelines to reopen America could lead to multiple outbreaks throughout the nation. Aside from causing needless sufferings and deaths, Fauci explained it would also hamper the country's attempt to return to normal.

According to Trump, states that are been led by Democrats are deliberately opening their economies slowly to damage him politically with elections just around the corner. Moreover, he is ignoring warnings of health experts that reopening prematurely could cause an increase in infections without widespread testing and tracing program put in place.

Showcasing a boiling individuality on Tuesday, Trump encouraged his fans to ward off programming as he retweeted incorrect information by Fox News opinion hosts that cashed on his statement about Obamagate on Monday to accuse the previous administration of mounting an illegal bid to damage the Trump administration even before it started.

Trump resorted to using his wild tweetstorm to cover up his attack on a CBS News journalist at a news conference on Monday by claiming that Asian Americans were not happy with China over the pandemic. His behavior indicated that Trump, as well as his conservative media machine supporters, didn't want to talk about the president's mishandling of what can be deemed as the worst public health crisis in hundred years with the death toll now reaching an alarming 80,000.

Trump realizes what he ignored for a long time could now threaten his election hopes, CNN's White House Reporter Stephen Collinson noted. On Monday, Trump appeared in the White House Rose Garden, revealing his revamped reelection mantra that hints at a realization that his hopes for a speedy relaunch of America's economy have been dashed by unfathomable job losses.

Trump used Make America Great Again slogan for his previous campaign, but has a new catchphrase "we will transition to greatness" is a clear indication that he will be basing his 2020 campaign on a promise of grievous economic reconstruction.