Kate Middleton has allegedly been trying to mend her relationship with Meghan Markle for months.

In its August 30 issue, WHO Australia claimed that Middleton continues to send her sister-in-law gifts, flowers, and letters while trying to repair their relationship.

Unfortunately, Markle has not been responsive. And she’s allegedly using her daughter Lili’s arrival as an excuse as to why she’s been very busy.

Last month, Us Weekly also claimed that Middleton has started reaching out to Markle. And her efforts allegedly began after the Duchess of Sussex gave birth.

Middleton has also been trying to reach out to Prince Harry, but the latter is preoccupied with the recent blow to his ego.

A source claimed that Prince Harry is upset with Orlando Bloom for participating in a project where members of the royal family are depicted negatively.

Even though HBO Max’s animated series is just loosely based on the royal family, Prince George is depicted there as a bully. And his younger brother, Prince Louis is depicted as a thug.

So, the insider claimed that Prince Harry has decided to cut ties with Bloom even though they were once very close.

“Harry and Orlando used to text each other when they saw the paparazzi hiding out in their neighborhood to help protect each other’s kids. Harry can’t believe he got involved in a show that makes the royal kids look bad. Meghan will do anything to stop that happening to Archie and Lili, even teaming up with Kate,” the source said.

As of late, there is no proof that Middleton has been sending Markle presents to try and repair their relationship.

And no one also knows for sure what Prince Harry and Markle think about the animated series depicting the royal family negatively. After all, they have not broken their silence over the show.

As such, there’s also no proof that Markle would be willing to reach out to Middleton for help in making sure her children, Archie and Lili won’t be part of the program.

Despite what all the tabloids are saying, Middleton and Markle are on good terms.

In March, Markle sat down for an interview with Oprah Winfrey, where she revealed that Middleton apologized to her amid rumors that she made her cry.

Markle also clarified that the reverse thing happened while she was preparing for her royal wedding with Prince Harry two years ago.