Adele couldn’t allegedly wait to tie the knot with Rich Paul.

In its August 23 issue, Life & Style claimed Paul already proposed to Adele earlier this month. And since the British singer said yes, the couple is now planning their wedding.

For starters, Adele and Paul will allegedly be writing their own wedding vows.

The “Hello” singer has also been looking for the perfect wedding gown to wear on her special day.

“It’s formfitting and white, with lace, beads, and plenty of cleavages. She’s excited for her friends to see her,” the source said.

Adele and Paul’s family and friends will be in attendance at their wedding. And some of the big names that are mentioned by the tabloid include Emma Stone, Taylor Swift, Lady Gaga, and Tristan Thompson.

As of late, the rumored couple is still thinking about their wedding venue. But since Paul has a huge house in Beverly Hills, he and Adele could tie the knot there.

However, Adele is also, allegedly, proposing the idea of having a wedding like the Downton Abbey castle because it’s quintessentially British.

And even though Adele and Paul have only been dating for two months, they are allegedly sure that they should be with each other. And one of the best ways for them to prove their love for each other is through their wedding and a special wedding band.

“Rumor has it they’ve come up with sweet inscriptions to put on the inside of their wedding bands. Adele just can’t wait to marry Rich,” the source said.

Life & Style isn’t the only tabloid that’s been saying that Adele and Paul are already engaged.

Last week, Star also claimed that Paul proposed to Adele earlier this month, and the singer said yes.

However, the tabloid also alleged that the A-listers have been dating for much longer than two months. But they only came public with their relationship recently.

Still, none of the tabloids’ claims are correct. There is not enough proof that Adele and Paul are dating except for that one photo they have at a basketball game in Phoenix.

So, if there are no guarantees that Adele and Paul are even dating, it’s even more unlikely for them to be engaged or to be planning their wedding.

By the looks of it, the tabloid is just using the A-listers to boost their readership.