Prince Charles has finally made a decision over Prince Edward’s future royal title.

In its August 16 issue, Globe claimed that Prince Charles won’t be giving the Duke of Edinburgh title to Prince Edward.

Last month, multiple tabloids claimed that Prince Charles still has yet to make a decision over the title even though he previously promised Queen Elizabeth and Prince Philip that he would give it to Prince Edward.

Now, Globe is claiming that it has been decided. And Prince Charles’ decision to not give the important title to his younger brother is a slap on the face for their parents.

A source claimed that Prince Charles is still quite jealous of Prince Edward, and the latter’s close relationship with their late father. So, this is one of his tactics to get his revenge.

Additionally, the source claimed that the dad of two is worried about money and power that’s why he’s trying to keep everything between him and his wife, Camilla.

“Charles and his wife, Camilla have made no secret that they lust for the throne, its money, and power. Royalty never likes to discuss money, treating it as in bad taste, but the throne is worth a fortune, and Charles and Camilla know it,” the source said.

According to the source, Prince Charles and Camilla always want to beat Prince William to the throne because this means they could make more money.

However, this is where the tabloid’s claims become absurd. Prince Charles is the heir to the throne. So regardless of whoever is more popular than him, he will still be crowned following the queen’s demise.

As for Prince Edward’s future royal title, nothing has been finalized yet. Since Prince Charles still hasn’t been crowned, he can’t make any decisions regarding the title for now.

And if Prince Charles promised his parents that he would bestow the title to Prince Edward, he will most definitely live up to his word. After all, there’s no reason for him too.

Even if Prince Edward will be known as the new Duke of Edinburgh, Prince Charles and his wife won’t lose any money. Prince Edward and his wife, Sophie, Countess of Wessex won’t also be richer than the Cornwalls no matter what they try to do.

By the looks of it, this is just another way for the tabloid to pit Prince Charles and Prince Edward against each other.