Barack Obama and Michelle Obama have allegedly started ignoring Prince Harry and Meghan Markle just like the other Hollywood A-listers.

In its August 16 issue, National Enquirer claimed that A-listers have started to notice Prince Harry and Markle’s obnoxious and know-it-all personalities so they have decided to detach from the couple.

Since the Duke and Duchess of Sussex are also very controversial, the drama follows them everywhere. And no one from Hollywood wants to get involved in their never-ending issues.

“There have been high-powered dinner parties and gatherings where the Sussexes were deliberately left off the list. Frankly, they reek of arrogance and entitlement,” the source said.

The Obamas used to be close to the Sussexes, and they were allegedly the ones that encouraged the couple to sign a lucrative deal with Netflix.

However, the former presidential couple didn’t take long to realize that the Sussexes are bad news.

As such, Prince Harry and Markle are only able to hang out with lesser-known celebrities like Orlando Bloom, James Corden, David Foster, and Katharine McPhee.

But according to the source, the Sussexes remain unfazed. They are not worried about not being friends with the Obamas because they believe that it’s a privilege for others to be friends with them.

“Harry seems to consider it your loss if you don’t hang with him or Meghan. But this won’t earn him much long-term respect. He could find himself stuck with the C-list crowd – and Meghan will hate that,” the source said.

Meanwhile, the same tabloid claimed that Prince Harry is worried about something else.

Since he’s been away from his family and friends from the United Kingdom, he’s worried that he would end up like his uncle, Prince Andrew.

Prince Andrew has also distanced himself from the royal family and the public after he was accused of sexually abusing underage girls.

The Duke of Sussex allegedly thinks that he could be living in exile because of some decisions that he made recently.

In January, Prince Harry and Markle announced their decision to quit The Firm.

However, they have not shown any signs of regret. If anything, the couple seems to be happy and thriving in the United States.

As for the rumors that the Obamas snubbed the Sussexes, this isn’t true either. The Obamas are not that close to Prince Harry and Markle to begin with.

And the Obamas weren’t also the ones that encouraged the Sussexes to sign a deal with Netflix.