Kanye West and Irina Shayk have allegedly called it quits just months after they first started dating.

Multiple tabloids previously claimed that Shayk was the one who broke up with West after the latter became a tad bit too clingy.

Now, National Enquirer is claiming that there’s still hope for the A-listers to get back together. But it will all depend on Shayk.

After all, Jason Sudeikis has allegedly expressed interest in pursuing Shayk if the latter and West are done for good.

Since West is aware of Sudeikis’ plan, the rapper is working extra hard to make sure that Shayk won’t end up with the actor.

The rapper doesn't allegedly understand what Sudeikis has that he doesn't. After all, West believes that he looks so much better than his rival. 

Still, Sudeikis managed to worm his way into Shayk's life, and West isn't thrilled. 

The insider added that West couldn’t help but think that Sudeikis is just plain desperate. After all, the actor has allegedly tried to date multiple A-listers since his split from Olivia Wilde months ago.

There are also allegedly some whispers that Sudeikis courted his former co-star, Jennifer Aniston, as well as Keeley Hazell. However, both women didn’t say yes to Sudeikis.

Unfortunately for West, Sudeikis doesn’t allegedly have any plans to back down. So, if West wouldn’t continue pursuing Shayk, Sudeikis thinks that he could be the model’s next boyfriend.

“He’s convinced he has every chance with Irina because ladies love him and think he’s adorable. Irina clearly has taken his breath away. He’s actually blushed around her,” the source said.

However, the tabloid’s claims are not entirely accurate. First, there is no proof that West and Shayk ever dated. So, if they didn’t date, they couldn’t possibly end their relationship.

Sudeikis has not also expressed any desire to be with Shayk. And the claims that he’s desperate because he tried to pursue multiple women after his split from Wilde aren’t true either.

The actor is still single today. And if he’s dating someone, more reputable sources would report on it.

By the looks of it, the tabloid is just creating drama between West, Shayk, and Sudeikis where there is none. After all, they have been using this tactic for clickbait.