Maddox Jolie-Pitt is allegedly sick and tired of his parents’ ongoing custody battle.

In its August 9 issue, Heat UK claimed that Maddox has expressed his desire to fight his dad, Brad Pitt in court.

After all, the college student is allegedly tired of all the rumors surrounding Angelina Jolie, as well as all the claims that she’s the villain.

“Maddox is fiercely loyal to his mom, and it’s been torture watching her suffer during and after the marriage. He hates how she’s been depicted when all she’s done is fight and protect the kids and ensure they get the best upbringing possible,” the source said.

Even though Maddox is aware that there are always two sides to a story, he just wants to speak from his experience that’s why he wants to face his dad in court.

According to the insider, Maddox is also very proud of his mom because he has seen her cry buckets of tears since the divorce in 2016. Still, she has maintained her soft and caring side at home.

And if there’s anything that Maddox could do to help ease his mom’s trouble, he would gladly do them. And Pitt is allegedly aware of this, and he’s also worried about what his eldest son could say about him in court.

Meanwhile, reports recently claimed that Jolie and Pitt would face each other in court again in the coming weeks. This is due to Judge Ouderkirk being removed from the A-listers’ custody battle.

According to CNN, Jolie’s request to have the judge removed was finally heard after her lawyers filed their motion for the second time.

Initially, the actress’s request was denied even though she stressed that there’s some conflict of interest with Ouderkirk because he failed to mention all his ties to Pitt.

Now, a three-judge panel from California’s Second District Court of Appeals finally sided with Jolie. So, Ouderkirk has officially been removed from her and Pitt’s custody case.

This decision means that Jolie and Pitt’s custody battle is far from being over. Prior to this, Ouderkirk sided with Pitt by granting him joint custody of his children.

However, Jolie has been seeking sole physical and legal custody of her kids because she previously accused her ex-husband of not being a trustworthy and reliable dad to their minor children.

As for Maddox, since he’s no longer a minor, he made the decision to no longer associate himself with Pitt.