Jennifer Lopez has allegedly started making life-changing decisions in her life now that she’s with Ben Affleck.

In its August 9 issue, Heat UK claimed that Lopez and Affleck have been talking about having a baby in 2022, right after their wedding.

A source claimed that Lopez has never felt more certain about having a baby with anyone other than Affleck.

In fact, during her four-year relationship with Alex Rodriguez, the World of Dance judge was never allegedly keen on having another child.

The insider claimed that Lopez’s hesitations when it comes to having a baby with Rodriguez caused some tensions in their relationship. But the same cannot be said about Lopez and Affleck.

“But now that she’s with Ben, she doesn’t have to do any convincing because he’s just as baby crazy as she is. He loves the idea of having twins – as far as she’s concerned, the more kids they can have, the better,” the source said.

And since Lopez could no longer get pregnant naturally, she has allegedly decided to take on the surrogacy route. After all, a lot of her friends have also done the same.

According to the source, Lopez also reached out to Kim Kardashian for advice since she had her two youngest children via a surrogate.

Luckily for the A-listers, Lopez and Affleck’s respective children are allegedly on board with the idea of having more siblings.

Max and Emme, in particular, are very excited to have a baby brother or a baby sister.

“They’re both really excited. They know how much she has been wanting this and they both love the idea of a new baby, or two, around the house. Jen says this is the happiest she has ever been,” the source said.

This isn’t the first time that Lopez is rumored to have been trying for a baby via a surrogate. However, there’s no truth to the claims.

As of late, Lopez and Affleck have not expressed any desire to have a baby because the couple hasn’t even tied the knot.

It is also important to note that Lopez and Affleck just got back together. So, it’s unlikely that they are rushing into anything serious.

There is also no proof that Lopez was not keen on having a baby with Rodriguez. And there’s also no proof that they fought about this while they were still together.