Prince Harry just signed a four-book deal for $20 million. And now, there are claims that the first installment in 2022 will target Queen Elizabeth and Prince Charles.

In its August 9 issue, National Enquirer claimed that Prince Harry planned to expose the royal family in his own way. And this is why he decided to slowly share his experiences this year during his interviews.

A source also claimed that Prince Harry is ready to expose the truth about the queen in his memoir, which is something that he hasn’t done during his interviews.

One of the things that the Duke of Sussex disliked about the queen is her parenting style. And since she chose her duty over taking care of her two eldest children, Meghan Markle’s husband is convinced that this is what destroyed Prince Charles.

When the heir to the throne became a father himself, he was also accused of being distant and of not being hands-on with Prince William and Prince Harry.

On top of this, Prince Harry will also allegedly namedrop the royal family member that had concerns over Archie’s skin color.

The dad of two won’t also back down when he lambasts Prince Charles in his book. And the memoir couldn’t come at a better time because the father and son are still estranged today.

“Apparently he blames Charles for Princess Diana’s death. He believes his mother wouldn’t have been in France if she wasn’t driven out by the royals. He points the finger at his jealous father, who couldn’t handle Diana’s popularity and turned to his former lover, Camilla for comfort,” the source said.

Prince Harry is also expected to dish on what it was really like growing up as a spare. Even though he said that he won’t be speaking as the royal that he was born but as the man that he turned out to be, the tabloid is convinced that this is all just a lie.

After all, Markle’s husband has long resented his role as the spare. And this was allegedly one of the reasons why he eventually became fed up with Prince William.

As of late, the details from Prince Harry’s memoir have not yet been released. But it’s unlikely for him to attack his grandmother in the book.

After all, Prince Harry has already spoken up about his experiences as a royal during his interviews. But he had nothing but good things to say about the monarch.