Thomas Markle Sr. recently gained sympathy after his daughter, Meghan Markle, and Prince Harry’s intentions were put into question.

While speaking with Fox News, an unnamed insider weighed in on the waves that the Duke and Duchess of Sussex continue to make since they tied the knot.

Other than the royal family, Markle and Prince Harry have also frozen Thomas out after he posed for a series of fake photos before the royal wedding.

The insider said that Prince Harry and Markle publicly humiliated Thomas. As such, the latter couldn’t seem to stop criticizing the couple.

Just recently, Thomas said that he would be willing to go to court just so he could meet his grandchildren.

“Now she just goes back to her same old life without her father who spent his entire life taking care of her, putting her in the best schools and using every connection he had to take care of her," the insider claimed.

The insider also said that what Prince Harry and Markle have been doing seems to be their plan all along.

After all, it’s surprising for the couple to have caused a lot of waves within the royal family only to quit over a year later and return to California.

The insider also questioned Markle’s recent claims that she fell into a deep depression amid the disparaging criticisms. And at one point, she reportedly thought about ending her life.

According to the insider, this no longer seems to be the case because Markle and Prince Harry are raking in so much money in the United States. They are also getting offers left and right.

Just recently, Prince Harry secured a $20 million book deal, where he will be releasing four books. His first one is a memoir that will be available next year.

Following the announcement, rumors circulated that Prince Harry’s book will be released only after Queen Elizabeth’s death.

However, a spokesperson for the dad of two said that this isn’t the case.

Other sources are convinced that the book will be released following the queen’s Jubilee. Or it could also be released alongside the 25th anniversary of Princess Diana’s death.

In his statement, Prince Harry said that he won’t be writing his memoir as the prince that he was born into but as the man that he has become.

As of late, it is still unclear what stories Markle’s husband will include in his memoir.