Victoria Beckham has allegedly set her sights on her son Romeo’s girlfriend, Mia Regan.

In its August 6 issue, Heat UK claimed that Beckham loves hanging out with the 18-year-old because she’s good for her business.

Since Regan is a model and an influencer, Beckham uses her to boost the sales of her fashion label and other businesses.

“Victoria is really close to Mia and the whole family loves her. Vic thinks she’s great for Romeo. And the fact that she’s a model and influencer is great for Brand Beckham. Vic sees Mia as someone who can attract a younger audience and show that her designs aren’t just for older women,” the source said.

Just recently, Regan and Romeo celebrated their second anniversary. And they also went on a vacation to the countryside two weeks ago.

For the outing, the 18-year-old donned a dress designed by her future mother-in-law. And Regan also tagged Beckham in her social media post.

There’s no denying that the ensemble looked great on the teenager. After all, she has a way of carrying clothes because she has modeled for Coach, Yves Saint Laurent, Gucci, and more.

“She’s very into sustainable fashion, so is happy to advertise brands like Victoria’s instead of the fast fashion that lots of other influencers do. Vic sees her as her new muse and feels very lucky that Romeo is dating someone like her,” the source said.

Meanwhile, Regan and Romeo also made headlines recently amid claims that they will soon tie the knot.

Even though they are still teenagers, a tabloid previously claimed that they already have their parents’ approval to settle down.

Since Beckham’s eldest son, Brooklyn is already engaged and gearing to tie the knot with his fiancée, Romeo will allegedly follow in his brother’s footsteps very soon.

However, one should take the tabloid’s claims with a grain of salt. After all, Romeo hasn’t even proposed to his girlfriend of two years.

As for Beckham and Regan’s relationship, it is true that the two are close. However, it’s not true that the Spice Girls member is using her son’s girlfriend to help her brand.

It is possible that Beckham just gives Regan clothes from her fashion label as a gift and she’s modeling it on her own and not due to Beckham’s request.