Kamala Harris was touted as one of the unlikeliest picks for former vice president Joe Biden last year following a debate performance where she ended up suggesting Biden was racially insensitive. This year, however, their views about her seem to have undergone a radical overhaul.

Harris is not just in top contention, but Biden staffers, surrogates, and top donors believe she is the best fit at the beginning of the vetting process, at least on paper, to join him up on the Democratic ticket. Biden campaign is in the process of vetting a myriad of prospects that comprise about twelve women. During interviews, over two dozens Democrats, including allies, donors, and advisers supporting Biden touted Harris as an early frontrunner.

The progressives, on the other hand, support Sen. Elizabeth Warren of Massachusetts as she continues to rise above the pack. Biden and his family suffered due to the June debate exchange over the former vice president's school busing records. The attack was particularly more damaging because of Harris' association with Beau, Biden's late son, who had served as a state attorney general.

But Biden, as well as his aides considers Harris’ debate altercation as part of the strenuous presidential campaigning. Before Harris concluded her campaign last year, Biden supporters said she and the former vice president were stealing warm moments together. Former second lady Jill Biden's friends claim they have thought about ways for her to conclude it wasn't a deal-breaker for Harris' chances, probably by sharing her posts on social media platforms.

In an interview with POLITICO, Rep. Jim Clyburn (D-S.C.) said he believed that people are likely to make mistakes when they let the heat of a political campaign and things said during a contest to define a person. At this point, Clyburn said it is imperative for those who were part of the contest to be on the same team, adding that he thinks they already are.

Calling Biden a "big boy," Clyburn said the former vice president is highly unlikely to hold any sort of grudge against Harris for what she may have said during the campaign. Biden and Harris have had multiple private conversions and a large number of operatives associated with the presumptive Democratic nominee’s campaign have been openly admitting that they want Harris as Biden's pick.

Harris, the daughter of immigrants from India and Jamaica is also garnering considerable support from influential donors, who believe she is the most logical choice who can strike a perfect balance to a ticket led by a white man in his late 70s. Some of the party's leading benefactors, including those who didn't hear from Harris for months, claim they have seen a slight upward trend in contacts from her, as well as other people who represent her.