Walker goes on a brief hiatus after dropping its recently aired penultimate episode. The season 1 finale is coming within the next few weeks and it will tie up most of the loose ends since the beginning. The CW released details on what fans can expect.

WARNING! Spoilers for the first season of Walker coming ahead. Read at your own risk.

Walker season 1 finale explores more of the death of Cordell Walker’s (Jared Padalecki) wife, Emily (played by Jared’s real-life wife, Genevieve Padalecki). This has been a major storyline and the circumstances behind will be finally be uncovered.

Prior to her death, Emily is working on something. As the story progressed, it became much clearer what she’s up to. Now, there could be a few more revelations and Cordell may learn something new that could change everything in his life.

Per the synopsis, “Cordell’s world is shattered after receiving the shocking news that changes everything.” In the beginning, he decided to take part in a lengthy undercover assignment to bury the grief he’s feeling after his wife was murdered.

After two years of working, Walker returned to his home in Austin. He tried to reconnect with his daughter, Stella (Violet Brinson), and son, August (Kale Culley). At the same time, he was paired with a new partner, Micki Ramirez (Lindsey Morgan).

As Cordell and Micki begin to work together, the veteran Texas Ranger becomes more suspicious about the events that transpired before and after his wife’s death. Truths have been revealed but more secrets are yet to come out.

Walker is a reboot of the 1993-2001 series Walker, Texas Ranger. The action crime drama is also the latest project of Padalecki on The CW following his 15-year journey on Supernatural. In a recent interview with Comicbook.com, the actor talked about working on his new show.

Padalecki told the outlet that even though he plays the titular role, “there are a lot more ways to flesh out this world” that weren’t on Cordell’s perspective. The actor also discussed what has changed when it comes to his schedule.

Unlike in Supernatural, Padalecki serves as one of the executive producers of Walker. He shared that he needs to work long hours now even after filming new episodes. But although there are a lot of things to do, he said that he really enjoys working on the show.

Walker season 1 finale is coming on Thursday, Aug. 12, at 8 p.m. ET/PT on The CW. It will be available to stream the next day on CWTV.com and The CW app. The episode is directed by Steve Robin and written by Anna Fricke and Seamus Kevin Fahey.