Catherine Zeta-Jones allegedly walked out on her husband, Michael Douglas during their recent vacation.

In its July 26 issue, New Idea claimed that Zeta-Jones and Douglas have already been having problems. But the latter thought they could set them aside while they were in Ibiza.

But as soon as the couple and their relatives arrived on the island, Zeta-Jones allegedly separated from Douglas to go shopping.

The actress couldn’t allegedly get over Douglas’ close relationship with his co-star, Kathleen Turner.

“All of a sudden it’s Kathleen this, Kathleen that. Catherine sometimes feels like an outsider when Kathleen is around because the chemistry between her and Michael and the history they have is undeniable – even though any suggestion of them being more than friends is ridiculous. It’s times like this that Catherine does feel their age gap,” the source said.

On top of this, the couple is also fighting over their New York City apartment. Douglas allegedly wants to sell the $28 million mansions, but Zeta-Jones feels it’s best to keep the property for now.

“Catherine still loves that apartment. It’s right in the hustle and bustle and overlooks Central Park. But Michael has little interest in spending much time in the city and prefers the quiet life. They can’t seem to get on the same page and have been squabbling over little and big things lately. It sort of feels a lot like it did back when they split,” the source said.

In 2013, reports confirmed that Zeta-Jones and Douglas decided to go their separate ways temporarily due to some issues. But they eventually reconciled.

And the fact that the couple is still together proving that they are not having any marital problems. Even if they are, this is their business and not the tabloid.

The tabloid was also wrong in saying that Zeta-Jones separated from Douglas during their recent trip to Ibiza. After all, People was able to publish a photo of the happy couple locking lips.

In June, Zeta-Jones also showed her support for her husband on Father’s Day via Instagram since it was the second time that Douglas celebrated the occasion without his dad, Kirk Douglas.

The latter passed away last year at the age of 103. He was surrounded by his family during his passing.

Douglas and his siblings also released a statement announcing their dad’s demise last year.