Prince Charles allegedly had a secret girlfriend years ago that he couldn’t go public with because of her skin color.

In its July 26 issue, New Idea claimed that Prince Charles gave up hope to date singer Sheila Ferguson because the royal family wouldn’t have approved their relationship.

“They both knew it would never work because back then, courtiers would have lost their minds if the future king began a relationship with a woman of color. They spent a lot of time together, but neither was under any illusions that they could publicly date, which is rather sad,” the source said.

The insider added that Prince Charles and Ferguson still love each other to this day. And they are still in touch even though the heir to the throne is happily married to Camilla Parker Bowles.

Meanwhile, Ferguson previously opened up about Prince Charles’ alleged advances. Even though the future king reportedly tried to pursue her, Ferguson never succumbed to his advances because she was aware that he was a womanizer.

“It was pretty well known that Charles because he was such a womanizer, used to have this train where he’d take women. I thought he was a nice-looking guy, but I also realized there was no future in it, so why go there? There was not going to be a black queen of England and I didn’t want to be just a notch on his bedpost. I kind of value myself a little more than that,” she said.

While it may be true that Prince Charles tried to flirt with Ferguson, this doesn’t mean that the two had a secret affair as what the tabloid is claiming.

In fact, Ferguson herself said that she never succumbed to the dad of two’s advances. So, this proves that they never had a fling.

By the looks of it, the tabloid is just making up stories about Prince Charles’ past dating life because he was reported quite the flirt.

In fact, even while he was already married to Princess Diana, his heart still longed for Camilla Parker Bowles.

As such, Prince Charles eventually chose Camilla over the Princess of Wales. And the divorce affected their children tremendously.

Years after Princess Diana’s death, Prince William and Prince Harry opened up about how the tragic incident affected them. Prince Harry admitted that he’s still dealing with his mother’s loss today.