Nicole Kidman and Keith Urban are allegedly determined to have another baby.

In its July 26 issue, OK! magazine claimed that the A-listers have agreed to hire a surrogate to help fulfill their dream of becoming parents of three.

“They’re feeling closer and more in love than ever, which makes it the perfect time to grow their family. They will most likely go the surrogate route, and they’d like to get the process off and running as soon as possible,” the source said.

Even though Kidman and Urban have very busy schedules because of their projects, they will allegedly be making time to attend meetings with their surrogate and doctors.

And if they have the choice, Kidman and Urban want to have a baby boy since they already have two daughters. But even if it’s a girl, the A-listers would still think that it’s a huge blessing.

This isn’t the first that Kidman and Urban were rumored to be trying for baby number three.

Earlier this month, National Enquirer claimed that the couple is keen on having another child. And after spending more time with each other during the lockdown, Kidman and Urban allegedly feel that they are more than ready to become parents of three.

“They both want a boy. She intends to go with him on tour so they’ll be able to squeeze in meetings and appointments, no problem. Another baby has been on their wish list for the longest time, so this is a dream come true,” the source said.

However, Kidman and Urban have not expressed any desire to have another baby. By the looks of it, the tabloids are just speculating on the possibility because Kidman and Urban only have two children.

And since Faith Margaret and Sunday Rose are already 13 and 10, they are assuming that the A-listers want to take care of another baby.

But unless Kidman and Urban confirm that they are trying to have another child with the help of a surrogate, it is best to take the tabloid’s claims with a grain of salt.

These rumors are no different from the other dubious stories that the tabloids published about Kidman and Urban.

For the longest time, they have been claiming that the happy couple is on the brink of divorce even when they are not.