Over the weekend, staffers tried to carry out contact tracing in a bid to figure out who Vice President Mike Pence's press secretary Katie Miller contracted coronavirus from as of Sunday, leaving everyone wondering what they need to do to contain the spread of the virus inside the White House. Miller was tested positive for coronavirus last week, CNN Politics reported.

A memo introduced on Monday made it mandatory for the staffers to wear a face-covering when entering the West Wing, an insider revealed. The memo said face coverings will be available in the medical office in the White House and urged staffers to practice social distancing guidelines.

Masks weren't mandatory at the White House, despite the CDC (US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention) recommendation of using them in places where following social distancing is difficult. The president himself has refrained from wearing a mask even in public places, and many of his aides have followed suit.

With two staffers testing positive for the virus, new protocols have been introduced to avoid more aides from contracting the disease. Some of these staffers are concerned about how Monday would proceed without fully understanding how the virus had spread.

One official stated that there wasn't any guidance regarding which staffer will stay home. While some officials who had extended contact with Miller have opted to self-quarantine, others who had come in contact with her have decided not to get in quarantine. Aside from that, aides have restlessly been trying to find who came in contact with the valet who tested positive last week.

It turned out that the valet didn't come in contact with a lot of members, but there is still some concern among valets and other staff members. Aides who are more likely to come into close contact with the president were repeatedly tested during the weekend and a previously scheduled trip to Camp David was canceled primarily because of concerns about the virus, two sources told CNN.

One official said the trip was also canceled due to the weather. Trump along with several other officials was at Camp David the weekend before coming in contact with Miller. A person who spoke with the president said, Trump, is concerned that staffers contracting the virus would contradict his message that the outbreak is fading off and states should begin reopening.

According to the person, Trump was angry that two White House staffers have tested positive for the virus and has asked why his valets weren't asked to wear masks before this week. Trump believes an economic revival is only possible when the governors decide to lift their stay at home orders and are worried about any signs that hint at the virus emerging again.