Angelina Jolie has allegedly dumped Jonny Lee Miller for The Weeknd.

In its July 26 issue, Globe claimed that Jolie isn’t just dating the musician; she’s also teaching The Weeknd how to become a power player in the charity circuit.

“He’s begging Angelina to take him under her wing and help him move to the next level as an entertainer, charity worker, philanthropist, and all-around human being. He’s hero-worshipped her most of his adult life and thinks she’s the sexiest person on the planet,” the source said.

Jolie, on the other hand, is allegedly enjoying her time with The Weeknd. After all, the mom of six thinks he’s intelligent, and he can also boost the actress’s popularity among the younger generation.

“Experimentation and variety are what she’s all about these days. She’s embracing her wild streak again,” the source said.

Meanwhile, this isn’t the first time that Jolie and The Weeknd were linked to each other.

Earlier this month, Page Six published a story about the A-listers enjoying a night out in Los Angeles.

After spending a few hours at Giorgio Baldi in Los Angeles, Jolie and The Weeknd left the restaurant separately. So, it is unclear why multiple publications assumed that the two were an item.

Days later, Jolie and the musician sparked more dating rumors after they were spotted attending the same concert. However, the two celebrities weren’t photographed together at the event.

And just this week, it was already confirmed that Jolie and The Weeknd are not dating. In fact, the rumors that Jolie recently got back together with Miller are also incorrect.

The speculations started after Brad Pitt’s ex-wife was photographed entering Miller’s apartment complex last month.

Jolie reportedly stayed in the building for a couple of hours. And even though she was photographed with Miller, several publications assumed that she was there to visit her ex-husband.

While it may be true, the tabloids took their story a notch higher by saying that Jolie and Miller have rekindled their romance. Unfortunately, there’s no proof that the exes are back together.

As such, it is important to be wary of what the tabloid says about Jolie especially when it comes to her dating life.

The actress herself previously confirmed that she has not dated since her divorce from Pitt. And she has no intentions to rush into anything because she admitted that she comes with a lot of dealbreakers.